In the Swahili language, Mwezi.

A symbol of all that is rhythmic and cyclic, is the moon through its phases, to mark the biological rhythms of the living creatures and the all of nature.

Its influence is even more visible in a delicate ecosystem, complex, but fortunately still unspoiled as the one in Zanzibar: the daily,  even hourly, spectacular change of color of its sea is just one of the effects of the moon, and follows  the movement of the tides.

Once you arrive, take off your shoes and forget them, sink your feet in the sand, and enjoy the freedom that comes with this natural setting.

Mwezi is perfectly integrated and in harmony with its natural environment, surrounded by a lush and perfumed vegetation.

What we are sure of is that your vacation at Mwezi Resort will be an experience to be lived and treasured.

The time you spend at Mwezi will arouse feelings and emotions that will enrich you and will be unforgettable: that sweet feeling of nostalgia called Mal d’Africa.

In your home on the beach, you will get to know the true luxury: view the sun or the moon rise above the ocean, fall asleep lulled by the sea breeze or by the sound of the waves, enjoy the intense fragrances and flavors, feel in paradise in the middle of nowhere, watched only by the stars.

The ecological and sustainable philosophy  which Mwezi Boutique Resort is based on, will grant you a relaxing holiday but with all the comforts you are used to, in direct contact with the beautiful African nature and the fascinating Swahili culture, with the precious awareness that nothing has been damaged.