Mizingani Seafront Hotel


Take a step back in history as we invite you to one of the most picturesque views Zanzibar has to offer. A mere two-minute walk from the Ferry Terminal or 20 min drive from the Zanzibar International Airport, will lead you to the home of Sultans, Mizingani Seafront Hotel.

Mizingani Seafront Hotel has a rich and vibrant history to fit with the unique and alluring interior as it features one of the oldest lifts in Zanzibar. The building was constructed for royal honeymooners in 1865. Later the house was turned into the Custom House in 1928 but due to poor maintenance, it deteriorated and finally had to be evacuated. The former Palace was restored to its former glory, opening its doors in September 2014, serving as a home away from home for many travelers.

We at Mizingani Seafront Hotel enjoy the small pleasures in life and while we prefer our guests to live like Sultans we also prefer them to feed like kings, keeping with the culture on the Island Mizingani Seafront Hotel also offer a restaurant with a full buffet catering to those who wish to have a localized yet sophisticated culinary experience overlooking our famous sunset. An intimate and completely private dinner can be arranged on our roof top terrace for those who wish to enjoy a more private sunset.