Reeks 9 - Mikumi Wildlife Camp.png

Welcome to Mikumi Wildlife Camp, located in the heart of the wilderness of the Mikumi National Park. A stay in the Camp will guarantee you a memorable and magical safari experience that will you not forget the rest of your life.

Imagine yourself sitting outside on the terrace of the restaurant, overlooking the watering hole while sipping on a glass of South African, white wine. The courteous waiters are never far away to keep your glasses full and to pamper you as best as they can.
They are true experts in making our guests feel at home and try to spoil them whenever possible. In the distance, elephants and buffalo’s casually stroll by.

At the banks of the watering hole, a giraffe is drinking water with his legs spread out. Hidden, somewhere on the savannah is the majestic lion. You can’t see him but thanks to his roar you know he can’t be far. In the back of your mind you secretly know that he will keep you awake in the night. Suddenly you realize why you are here; to be one with nature. That is what Mikumi Wildlife Camp is all about.